• Is anxious about attending college?
  • Wants a high college GPA?
  • Is undecided about what college to attend?
  • Wonders whether you can cut it academically?
  • Is clueless about what to do with your life?
  • Is unsure about living in a secular college environment?
  • Worries that you will abandon Christian values in college?
  • Is already in college but barely making it?
What would it be worth for you and your college-bound child to
spend a couple of hours picking the brains of one of the nation's
top college professors?
  • Do you have prospective college students in your church who
    would benefit from street-smart advice about how to navigate
    successfully through college?
  • Would you like to help your Christian youth survive the difficult
    high school-to-college transition?
  • Would you seek to insure a vital spiritual life in college so they
    don't get knocked off by secular culture?
Surviving the High School-to-College Transition
Are You Ready?
Pastors and Youth Leaders . . .
Parents of Christian Students . . .
Did You Know?

The Manhattan Institute
(2005) reports that only 32%
of high school seniors
graduate with the skills
needed to succeed in

Achieve, Inc., a school
group led by business
leaders, found that more
than 70% of high school
seniors attend 2- and 4-year
colleges, but nearly HALF
end up taking remedial
English or math courses.
Did You Know?

Craig Barrett, former CEO
of Intel Corporation, says
"if we could capture 1% of
the hot air on this topic
and turn it into results, it
would be wonderful . . .
the longer kids stay in the
system, the worse they do
compared to their
international counterparts.
In fourth grade, our kids
are roughly comparable.  
By eighth grade, they are
behind.  By the 12th
grade, they are
substantially behind other
industrialized nations."
The Handicap for Students
One of the handicaps to success in college is that there are few
books, owner's manuals, or sympathetic professors to help guide
students. You go to the local Christian book store to find a book on
the subject and find blank shelves.  True, there are many fine advice
and devotional guides for college students written by such popular
writers as Chuck Swindoll, Rick Warren, and John Maxwell, but
nothing really cuts to the chase of the problems faced by Christian
students who attend major universities.  Most are after-the-fact
books and none are written by college professors.  Even the broader
secular book market offers little help for college students.   
"Street-Smart Advice to Christian College Students," published in
2009 by Deep River Books, contains the advice I looked for, but
never found, when I was a Christian student at a large secular
Are You a Christian Student Who . . .
Test taking in college is a
daunting prospect without the
right preparation and skills.  
Is partying in Panama City
appropriate behavior for
Christian students during spring
Ministry to Students
Michael J. Bozack, Ph.D.
Department of Physics
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849